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    And where does the road lead? What path will I choose? And this coming year is all about faith. Faith in myself. My talents. My dreams. My goals. My ambitions. Others. The universe. To lean and trust the fall. check out more paths


For it to get warmer… For my shift to end… For vacation… For business to grow… For a world based on unconditional love and acceptance   Check out more anticipation  

New Horizons 2017

And there you have it! Career, healing, rest, retreat, healing and family!

It’s not…

I LOVE the holidays! The crisp air, the stings the skin and reminds you that winter is here . The feelings of hope, love and cheer.  And it’s just not the holidays without nutcrackers. I’m swept back to childhood,  my mom in the kitchen cooking and me and my sister sitting in front of the…


As a child, I loved snow globes. Falling into the snow. Transported into another world. My wardrobe was not a wardrobe but a glass globe filled with tiny images, water and snow. Magic exists when we create it.  When we believe in it. I choose to see the magic in everyday. What about you? Check…