Lost Life: Sitting in the nothingness

Sitting in the painful silence. Waiting for a sign. A sign that I have no idea what it is, what it looks like, sounds like, tastes like, feel like. I have no idea how it will come to me other than illusive thoughts, transient ephemeral moments where I get a glimpse of something, and then…

And here it starts, again

Raw, from my mind, my soul, my heart. Yet to be cencored or edited by my ego. The voice that whispers, “follow the magic, the love, the pain.” It starts with a curiosity, a longing, a wondering. Who were they? What were their stories? And how am I them, if at all? I am filled…

Precipice of?

Frenzy fever fear Heart accelerates, drop down Edge of the unknown There is excileration and fear when we are the precipice of life.  Often we want to run and hide, even escape.  Personal precipices are times to move your soul and life purpose forward. To face the change and uncertainty with curiosity and child like…

Qualm vs anxiety

Would my anxiety Prefer to go by qualm Would such a word ease My sweaty shaky hands that betray me when I write My jack hammer heart about to break free from my chest to run away and hid under the bed. The words that get caught in my throat and then stammer out Would…


Creating works of art Common goal diverse talents Crafting happiness Check out more on the daily prompt


Broken and bruised demolished into ruin-conquered annihilated * Smashed and Shattered desolate despair anguished soul heart races and then stops * leaking oozing tears Body consumed with heartache crushed soul rebuilds heart Come back often for more Emotions Haiku

The End?

The end of one thing Decay, despair, desolate Birth of new beauty Check on more Final on the Daily Post

This too shall pass

transient is the tide

motile moments, fleeting fast

nothing stays the same

The Gargoyle and the teachings of life

And there he sat. Perched at the end of my bed. Disrupting my sleep. Entering my twilight. That place between time and space, between awake and asleep, alert and rooted in reality or engaged in subconscious fantasy. Half awake, I thought I was dreaming. Maybe hallucinating. Lost in between worlds, in between keenly attentive and wrapped in imagination.